and then, all that was left was echo. a
resounding sound, bounce of the loss
of civilizations that never were. we stood,
breathless; there was no air left. we
stood dead in frozen moments,
while he danced wicked
displeasure and erotic destruction.
he had spread throughout us, and
i am the final fuck.
and who among us
is not a thief, a vagrant of reality, a shining example of
decay. the earth is decay, jesus is decay;
compost returned to earth, the earth of shit, dead
seed and freed souls. souls, souls, souls, echoing in the dance, the dance, the
he turned the sound up, up louder than ever heard, he spun
a mix of fatal orbs and valleys and half-truths while he danced the jig of the end, and
yes, life began at the end of that night,
another fucking day of lost things,
from mountain to mountain,
from heart to heart, broken heart to
broken heart.
our wounds revealed, and cherished,
rebirthed and cherished, ever more, until
once again, no longer.



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